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My name is Anthony Simmons my birthday is May 12, 1988. I am currently in the Youth Development Major at Rhode Island College. I work at Swansea Total Fitness in Swansea Massachusetts. I have been working with the Total Fitness Clubs since November of 2012. I have some great ideas to utilize what I will accomplish with Youth Development including a group exercise for adolescence in the community of Swansea. If you have any question or would like to learn more follow my blog and leave a comment!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

10/18 Making Youth Have a Voice

There is a lot of things in this world that warrant change. Most of the time it truly doesn't matter where or when the change starts but that change is eminent. Youth Development Workers are the front runners to change in the Youth and their future but how about the voice of the Youth we are looking to help develop? We spoke in class with Youth in Action about how they establish the voices of the Youth in Providence. It is very inspiring to know that we as YDW has the same structure of what a leader can be and how they accomplish their own leadership skills. We have the linear thoughts about how we want Youth to be and those thoughts are outside of the societal norm. Being outside the societal norm causes friction and limits how we can become mobile in accomplishing what we set to accomplish. Give Youth another outlet to use their voice. They have great ideas that many people will never hear because “adults” carry the adolescent stigma that youth don’t have the experience. Their once was a time before child labor laws when youth worked like adults. It seems as though people tend to have a short term memory when it comes to drastic events that change lives. The perfect comparison goes back to the Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants and what we know as the have and have nots. Youth need to have a way to expressed these great ideas dormant within the confide society we live in. As a Youth Development worker that will be one of my many goals to accomplish.


  1. I seriously LOVED this video !!! It made me smile because that is how it should be with in the schools and that is defiantly what i want to do make children into great leaders to help each other !! thank you !

  2. Great video! The video makes me wonder about discourse choices. How about rather than giving youth voice, helping youth amplify their voice? (isn't this what the cheerleader mentor did?) :)