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My name is Anthony Simmons my birthday is May 12, 1988. I am currently in the Youth Development Major at Rhode Island College. I work at Swansea Total Fitness in Swansea Massachusetts. I have been working with the Total Fitness Clubs since November of 2012. I have some great ideas to utilize what I will accomplish with Youth Development including a group exercise for adolescence in the community of Swansea. If you have any question or would like to learn more follow my blog and leave a comment!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chapter 2

What is a Context Map? Context map is the path that we make in finding who we are. This path carries the answer to who, what and when we are a certain identity. My context map contains the personality traits I feel I carry always in a wordle! Wordle: Blof What did Mitch ask Julian? Mitch took Julian into a world of judgment free opportunity. Mitch asked Julian to open up freely and help Julian find his true achieved identity. Julian started off as a lost and easily manipulated individual. Mitch took his personal experience and combined these experiences with his professional. This combination of strategies help Julian find his identity. Mitch asked Julian to work towards finding himself through tasks and “assignments”. Mitch then would use these tools to help Julian answer what Mitch asked by helping Julian feel comfortable in the environment Mitch developed for both of them. List four different Identities Foreclosed identity: I believe is an identity that is instilled into an individual by a form that is not their own. For example, a person is told every day that they will amount to nothing and become nothing. That individual then acknowledges those accusations and does nothing to eliminate them. This identity is not a personal identity but forced by an individual’s environment. Diffuse identity: I believe is an unknown identity. This identity is like a “chameleon” and change drastically though out the individual’s everyday life. As the individual advances throughout their day they will alter themselves based on the environment they currently inhibit. For example, a student that participates in sports may act like a typical jock, but wouldn’t indulge his teammates in the fact that he does ballet. While that same student is in ballet they wouldn’t act the same way being in different company. Identity Moratorium: I believe is an identity that experiments identities. An individual may try to emulate a certain identity in different atmospheres which can cause conflict. One environment may have a great deal of pleasure from this identity while a romantic relationship may enjoy the identity that other environments don’t and so on. Achieved Identity: I believe this identity is a realization for an individual. The individual has experimented, been comfortable in multiple companies, environment comfort or is comfortable with themselves as this particular identity.
Most of my adolescent life I was a chameleon. I would change for people. I would change how I acted, conducted myself and wanted to please everyone by the person I was around them. The reading is correct in saying that an individuals stress level increases. It is had to figure out who you are when you never act yourself!


  1. I like how you compared yourself to a chameleon. I think this is true for many adolescents. It is hard for someone of this age to really know who they are.

  2. I thought it was great that you added in aspects of your adolescent life at the end of your blog. Though I feel that we are constantly changing and immersing ourselves within different identity contexts, I think that our adolescence is a time where we struggle most to find ourselves. At times, I too felt that I went through a chameleon phase and tried to fit in and please everyone. Also, I really liked the last sentence on your post saying that "it is hard to figure out who you are when you never act yourself". This is so true! When you're constantly trying to please others around you, you leave less time for yourself. This is unfortunate, especially because I feel like you need to first have a strong sense of self so that you can take full advantage of your learning.

  3. I also love the chameleon reference and find myself a "chameleon" sometimes, especially when I'm in a new culture/space/group.

    Nice wordle!!!!