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My name is Anthony Simmons my birthday is May 12, 1988. I am currently in the Youth Development Major at Rhode Island College. I work at Swansea Total Fitness in Swansea Massachusetts. I have been working with the Total Fitness Clubs since November of 2012. I have some great ideas to utilize what I will accomplish with Youth Development including a group exercise for adolescence in the community of Swansea. If you have any question or would like to learn more follow my blog and leave a comment!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

RIC Open House

The Open House at Rhode Island College was wonderful. It was an experience that I missed out on as a freshman going into College. The group we had holding down the table was great also. We had some great interactions and a decent volume of students curious about our program. I feel as though many of the students looking for education came to our table and they seem to be a better fit than in standard education. We had our elevator speeches ready and we rattled off some great selling points for our program. We tweaked our speeches a little. It seemed that the different individuals that would come to the table would get a small alteration to fit what they were interested in. I found this experience to be great. I would have found this to be wonderful as an incoming freshman and I missed out. Looking around at all the other tables and the excitement educators and current students had written on their faces. Others were not as pleased but as a whole it was an opportunity I would love to do again. I wouldn’t mind adding this to my career choice. Recruiting is an opportunity most people don’t get to take part in. I felt that the energy and charisma flows effortlessly. The YDev shirts were a great icing to our recruitment cake. Dr. McKamey’s add of her little music speakers helped with my expert Pandora. Being at the event the whole day made the experience different also. The first shift had a drastic wave of almost every single person participating in the Open House. The second wave slowed down drastically so many of the others that we had for the second shift was slower but the community we built together was something we will hold on to for a long time. I am very grateful to be surrounded by people who have the same emotional connection that I do to our major.

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  1. It was wonderful to see your elevator speech (and others' speeches!) come to life and really develop at the open house. I am so proud of you all and the community we have created together.