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My name is Anthony Simmons my birthday is May 12, 1988. I am currently in the Youth Development Major at Rhode Island College. I work at Swansea Total Fitness in Swansea Massachusetts. I have been working with the Total Fitness Clubs since November of 2012. I have some great ideas to utilize what I will accomplish with Youth Development including a group exercise for adolescence in the community of Swansea. If you have any question or would like to learn more follow my blog and leave a comment!

Monday, May 5, 2014

CTE Training Event

The first event I participated in this semester was a CTE training/lesson activity. CTE is career technical education. Starting with the training. The training we did was a great deal of collaboration. Providence After School Alliance has never done this before. Being a part of this project is very exciting. We provide the youth in our afterzone a resource to learn about their futures. Futures meaning career focus, education path and options for all of the previously stated pathways. The training we participated in helped the participants learn what our mission of CTE is. We also went over some lesson plans to incorporate in our activities for the youth. The mission of CTE is to help providence youth gain access to resources that maybe limited within the district after school.
My CTE lesson took about four to five days to construct and go through with the help of my site coordinator. When I finally ran the lesson I only had two youth participate. A learning experience for all, but I now understand that I needed to present the activity in a different way for the youth to get as excited for the lesson as I was. I did have a great experience with the two youth that participated. They had great aspirations and great upbringing. Most people would assume that providence youth have lack of support systems at home. These youth have been drilled by their families to go through higher education. It is truly inspiring to hear that these youth have a great opportunity to move further through their education.

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