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My name is Anthony Simmons my birthday is May 12, 1988. I am currently in the Youth Development Major at Rhode Island College. I work at Swansea Total Fitness in Swansea Massachusetts. I have been working with the Total Fitness Clubs since November of 2012. I have some great ideas to utilize what I will accomplish with Youth Development including a group exercise for adolescence in the community of Swansea. If you have any question or would like to learn more follow my blog and leave a comment!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Student Acceptance Day

This was an exciting event for a couple of different reasons. First reason is being on my way out of college and reminiscing when I was an entering freshman at Rhode Island College. Secondly I was surrounded by many professors I have had at RIC years ago. Thirdly I had a great support system of other youth development majors and our advisors Corinne McKamey and Lesley Bogad. It was amazing to see during the day that many students don’t control their decisions. Many parents were taking students away from tables to go where they want their child. The youth development table had a couple of great candidates but we lost them to parents pulling them in another direction or interrupting our conversation. It is very interesting to me that parents control their child’s future. With my support systems at home they made sure I wanted to go to college and that I made the choice. This event can be stressful for everyone. The decision made on this day sets you up for the program you may be stuck in for years. Going into a program that doesn’t fit what you want to do creates the graduate that leaves college saying “what am I going to do with my degree.” It all starts with the day of looking through programs the college has to offer. Being a part of this moment for the incoming freshman was gratifying. This event made me wish I did this as a freshman.

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